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  • NaszeDane is a unique system for automatic data collection and processing of paper and electronic forms.
  • With NaszeDane you can make any survey, print it on regular printer and then fill the digital pen on the tablet or on the Internet. As a result, you can immediately have an electronic version on the computer.
  • Documents do not need to rewrite or scan - with digital pens once they reach your computer, where you can view them in the form of a scan or processed data.
  • NaszeDane easily integrates with any data collection system. Examples include CRM systems, medical systems, workflow systems, and storage and logistics systems.


The added values

  • Speed ​​- thanks NaszeDane data created on paper forms at the same time created an electronic version. You gain time for scanning documents or their prescription to a computer.
  • Savings - thanks NaszeDane employees can save time required for rewriting documents.
  • Security - while creating a hard copy and electronic document security gain in the event that one data source was destroyed.
  • Confidence - NaszeDane remembers the exact time of the creation of the document, so you can control exactly what time and how long the document was created.
  • Intuitive - NaszeDane boils down to the use of ordinary pen, so anyone who can write a pen he can use this solution.
  • Confidentiality - NaszeDane system stores data on your FTP server, so that no one else has access to them at any stage of data processing.
  • Convenience - a digital pen is a device much more convenient to use and faster than entering data in a computer solution or tablet.