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Customers in hospitals and clinics are special people, and therefore require special treatment. Tired and sick patients expect fast and efficient service, aptly put diagnosis and appropriate treatment. However, in the hospital with multiple branches, hundreds of employees, and more charges, the flow of information can easily be distorted and difficult. The use of digital pens can largely solve this problem.

  • Admission to hospital each time a new patient is associated with the fulfillment of his personal form. Performing this task manually, but faster and more convenient, requires the subsequent transfer of data into the computer system. The use of digital pen allows you to connect a convenient form filling system of personal hand in the creation of memory in an automatic way the electronic version, which is sent to the computer can be recorded and used to create further medical documentation. Thanks to this clinic can take up to 10-12 more patients per day,
  • Medical interviews are the basis of knowledge about the health of the patient at the beginning of his stay in the hospital. As in the case of personal forms filled out at the front desk, notes made ​​during the conversation with the doctor admitted to the hospital, a person will be able to be written by hand on a standard sheet, and later transferred to a computer and stored and archived in your electronic directories. This allows easy and quick access to information, will also facilitate the reading thanks to handwriting recognition converts handwriting into machine,
  • Each patient has his own bed with a card containing instructions for medical personnel about the history of the disease, used drugs, prescribed or diet studies. Here, the use of digital pens is particularly wide and can highly facilitate the functioning of employees and provide patients with the highest level of service. Already shortly after completing the patient by the doctor, he plotted the data can be found on the hospital server, where the information will be able to download other employees. Nurses will be able to without leaving his room to find out what the patient, at what time and what medications given, in which the room is the patient and what other steps should be done with him. Also for individual laboratories will be able to hit the information to carry out tests, which will help them to prepare in advance, a list of patients waiting for surgery and the establishment of the order in which requests for examination and their priority. With digital długopisom social workers in the U.S. can spend four hours a week more with their wards.