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Statistics from the beginnings of civilization lay at the heart of economic and social development of the country at that time. Also nowdays it is a base for companies and businesses making decisions about their future business. However, market research characterized by a time-consuming and high cost performance. For this reason, many can not afford them. How can remedy this problem NaszeDane system and digital pens? The main advantages offered by our product:


  • Respondent completing the questionnaire personally, feel more confident, and thus may be more honest in their responses.
  • The digital pens allow to return to the traditional method of surveying in place, popular now, computerized forms filled out electronically. This enables the personal supervision of the data input, and they are difficult to forge.
  • Created in memory pen digitized versions of the forms can easily be transferred to a PC (via a Bluetooth network or USB docking station), where is the analysis and interpretation of test results. This can significantly shorten survey transmission time from the paper to digital, and eliminate the possibility of human error when transferring data.
  • Each survey is not anonymous, it can be bear the signature of the respondent constitutes confirm the veracity of the information, which is a signature will be moved unchanged to the digital version of the document.
  • With special software, the data entered can take the form of PDF documents, which are faithful to the image manually completed form, or processed to XLS (Excel) or CSV format or be exported to XML, which allows further processing of data in external programsIn addition, .
  • NaszeDane found a perfect remedy to the problem of the control of fraud on the part of interviewers. Each pen has a unique ID, so you can verify that the device and copy what has been written. In addition, pens have saved time of write order and even the tempo in which the writing was made​​. This allows easy control over whether the survey was completed by one person and unauthorized or later someone is not made ​​any more information on it. In addition, hand-filled forms to allow verification of handwriting and eliminate the possibility of filling in some polls by one person - whether the respondent or interviewer.
  • With well calculated business model, the use of NaszeDane.pl system is cheaper than the process of manually rewriting polls.