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Uniformed services

In the work of the police and customs officers time is of paramount importance. Even if the game does not enter human safety or life, is expected to justice rapid response and action. There are systems that are easy, affordable, and in addition does not require special training method can improve the functioning of police stations or other uniformed services and thus increase public confidence in them and increase citizens' satisfaction by quickly and efficiently eliminate the problems. Here are some of the situations in which the digital pen can help:

  • Thefts, especially small, there are, unfortunately, in our reality quite often. And just as the dealings that often lasts only a few seconds, so then the victim has to deal with enormous stress, firewall bureaucracy and long investigation. With digital pens completed the protocol at the police station reporting the theft, the victim containing both the data and its relationship with the event, it could quickly be transferred to an electronic database accessible throughout the city or a larger unit. All local units immediately after reporting the incident would have access to be fully informed of the circumstances and subject matter of the offense, which will facilitate and accelerate searching for the perpetrator,
  • Printing fines for traffic offenses, bad parking or other abuse of law pose both police officers and citizens a lot of trouble. Paper versions of documents tend, especially in obliged to pay a fine, lose or destroy. Also, copies of seats held by the issuing officers must hit the mart, which means that the time between the granting of punishment, and the time in which the information reaches the right system, there may be a few hours. In this case, the use of digital pens allow the creation of an electronic database in which the information would be provided mandates issued immediately after completing the form provided by the officer, and that the citizen can get information about the penalty, the payment date and all the details of the incident, even if if the original paper version of the mandate has been destroyed or lost. It is interesting that the police in Wuhu, China saves 450 hours of work per day bureaucratic, through the use of digital pens!