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About us

We specialize in providing software and equipment necessary for the efficient collection and processing of data.

Making people's lives easier is one of the primary missions of today's world and ideas. Each subsequent invention, any technical novelty, are created to simplify everyday activities performed by humans. We hope that the time that we are forced to spend on routine, repetitive duties until boredom was getting shorter.

Our mission is the development and implementation of individual, high-tech, innovative projects, where subject is client and his needs.

Our company was established as a result of long-term interest of the founders of the issues created by information technology and its development opportunities for new technologies. The initial vague idea of ​​creating something that allows to fast and automated way for collect and analyze information, and over time took on a more vivid and real shape. With great commitment we have made to implement our dream project, putting a lot of effort into it. When selecting the best professionals, we have created a team working to this day to develop digital pens to make them more functional, useful and easy to use. We hope that we will proudly serve in the function of the pioneers in this field in the Polish market, arguing through our satisfied customers, innovative solutions that are by no means intended only for highly specialized companies, but for anyone who will use them for themselves.

The naszedane.pl team.