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How it works?

.… ask astonished customers turning the digital pen in his hands and comparing lying in front of them, just completed questionnaire and its a perfect copy shown on the computer screen. "Very simple" we respond with a smile.

Digital pen technology allows for the simultaneous creation of a paper document and its electronic equivalent. It all starts when we use a specially prepared paper and digital stylus pen. At the time of the pressure, inside the pen mounted CCD camera is activated and starts the read-out located on a piece of microscopic dots. Each of the dozens of frames generated per second can accurately identify the location of the pen, and thus determine what, when and in what order it was written. Each of them also has an individual and unique ID number to identify the author of text, even when using multiple devices with one card saved. All data from the camera are analyzed and transmitted by the processor ARM 9 to flash memory, where they are stored. It is worth noting that the pen has full programmability, so the possibility of adapting them to suit your needs.

How can I obtain a specially coded paper to enable the full potential of digital pens? Easy! Just an ordinary, white office paper and laser printer with a resolution of 600 dpi. Sheet coated with a unique network of dots is slightly gray.