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System processes


The use of the system can be represented NaszeDane in a few simple steps:

  • The creation in a special wizard a professional survey questionnaires, tailored to your needs.
  • Printed questionnaires with the special coding necessary when using digital pens.
  • Fill in forms with online polls, tablets or using digital pens.
  • When filling in questionnaires digital pen everything that has been written using a digital pen is digitized and stored in the internal memory.
  • In the case of filling in a smartphone or tablet, GPS information on the location filling are added.
  • Transfer data from memory pen to a computer using Bluetooth network or via a USB docking station.
  • The analysis of the data, identify the fields marked by filling the form, as well as written text conversion to typed text.
  • Export data, ie data extraction files as XLS or CSV file, or they can be transferred to a format scans saved in PDF format.